Haunted Forest Trail

Yesterday we ended up combining a few trails in the Pole Mountain area (Medicine Bow National Forest) in order to hike about 5 miles. We started out at the Summit trailhead and hiked on the Summit trail to where the Summit Loop begins. We turned around and looked for the Haunted Forest trail (now called Van’s Loop) that hooks up to the Aspen trail.

The Haunted Forest trail is designed for horses. It has a steep decline, is muddy, and home to a lot of mosquitoes. If you take that route, pack your Deep Woods off!

We continued on the Aspen trail taking a right turn. We should have taken a left to get where we needed to go. So we turned around near the eastern end and hiked to the Upper UW trail intersection. It led us to the Headquater trail that begins at the Summit trailhead.

Below are some pictures from our hike:

Haunted Forest      K'eyush on Haunted Forest

Van Loop marker


Rock Formation

Upper UW

Van Loop marker

Summit trailhead area


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