Sabbatical Goals

Day One of my 2013/2014 sabbatical leave. While I have been thinking about my personal and professional goals for this academic year all fall last year and this summer, I thought it might be helpful to operationalize them here in written form. So here it goes:


  • Obtain Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification
  • Create a Blog
  • Learn Japanese
  • Travel and experience new cultures  and foods
  • Complete the 365 day Picture-a-Day Challenge
  • Learn cross-country skiing


  • Complete on-going research projects
  • Experiment with mobile devices and applications
  • Read current literature on mobile technologies
  • Improve technical German language
  • Attend the 2013 NRMERA conference
  • Expand photography skills: manual settings and software programs
  • Form long-term professional relationships with colleagues
  • Complete proposed new projects
  • Lay groundwork for future collaborative projects

I look forward to a productive – yet rejuvenating – year!


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