Kyoto Sightseeing: Part 2

This past week (Week #3) has been pretty busy even though it rained for a couple of days. Here are some of the sites I have visited:

Nijo CastleNijo CastleNijo CastleNijo CastleNijo CastleNijo Castle: This is another World Heritage Site, and I think this has been my favorite place so far. It makes me want to go back to my book “Shogun” and re-read it and/or watch the TV series.

Ginkaku-jiGinkaku-jiGinkaku-ji (Silver Pavillion): A World Heritage Site

Path of PhilosophyPath of PhilosophyCatTetsugaku-no-michi (Path of Philosophy)

Honen-in Honen-inHōnen-in


Nanzen-jiNanzen-ji Temple: San-mon gate

Nanzen-inand Nanzen-in


ArashiyamaA day trip to Arashiyama

Tenryu-ji Tenryu-jiTenryū-ji Temple: A World Heritage Site

Bamboo GroveBamboo Grove

Adashino Nembutsu-jiAdashino Nembutsu-ji


Daimonji-yama Kyoto from aboveDaimonji-yama climb: It is about 5 km and takes 2 hours; it sits at 1528 feet/466 meters. The hike has an elevation gain of about 1200 feet.

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