About Active Learning

This article was accepted a little while ago but just went to press.

Congratulations to David for publishing his first article! Writing with my students is the best part of my job and conducting this research with David was a lot of fun.

Bolliger, D. U., & Des Armier, Jr., D. (2013). Active learning in the online environment: The integration of student-generated audio files. Active Learning in Higher Education, 14(3), 201-211. doi:10.1177/1469787413498032

Educators have integrated instructor-produced audio files in a variety of settings and environments for purposes such as content presentation, lecture reviews, student feedback, and so forth. Few instructors, however, require students to produce audio files and share them with peers. The purpose of this study was to obtain empirical data on graduate students’ perceptions of the integration of student-generated audio files within the context of online, asynchronous course delivery and to gain an understanding of how this approach impacted their perceived satisfaction, engagement, connectedness, learning, and utilization. Results indicate students were satisfied with this instructional approach. The integration of student-generated audio files fostered their engagement and involvement, assisted them in effectively connecting and communicating with peers, and increased their learning. Some drawbacks to this approach are detailed.


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