Kyoto Trip: Week 2-4

Time flies when you are having fun! My trip to Kyoto has been fun all around and the time has been flying. It is hard to believe that I will get on an airplane today in order to return home.

In the last couple of weeks, I managed to work on some manuscripts and submit one of hem to a journal editor. I finished up my research permit application for the National Park Service after obtaining IRB approval from the University of Wyoming. I spent time in the library at Kyoto University and utilized their databases. I was able to start a new project, visit classrooms of English as a Foreign Language teachers, and chat with their students. Lastly, I delivered a faculty development workshop at Ritsumeikan University.

My home for the last four weeks:

OfficeThe campus:

KU KUThe library:

KU7 KU8 KU9 KU10KU11 KU12Some classrooms and students:

RU_Class3 RU_Class7 RU_Class8Thank you to all who made my visit possible and so enjoyable. This has been an awesome experience all around!


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