Doctoral Student Supervision Article

Hot off the press … even though the manuscript has been “in press” since August 2012 🙂

Erichsen, E. A., Bolliger, D. U., & Halupa, C. (2014). Student satisfaction with graduate supervision in doctoral programs primarily delivered in distance education settings. Studies in Higher Education, 39(2), 321-338. doi:10.1080/03075079.2012.709496


There are no universal, precise, or explicit criteria for completing a doctoral degree successfully. Researchers and practitioners have pointed out how difficult and time consuming the supervision of graduate student research can be. When students in doctoral programs complete their degrees via distance delivery, supervision of graduate students becomes even more difficult for both students and supervisors. The goal of the research was to investigate doctoral students’ perceptions of supervision and to understand doctoral student satisfaction with graduate supervision where programs were delivered utilizing a variety of distance systems. Statistically significant differences in student responses were found based on gender. While students whose programs were primarily delivered online were moderately satisfied, students who were in the blended programs were more satisfied. Other differences were detected between online and blended doctoral supervision environments. Certainly, these media for supervision warrant further investigation as distance and blended doctoral programs increase.

Read more at the Studies in Higher Education journal Web site


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