Trail Creek

The other day, we drove out to the Snowy Range in the Medicine Bow National Forest. It is one of our favorite places to hike when it gets a little warmer. Our Malamute does not enjoy the heat as much as I do; he likes to hike at an altitude of 10,000 feet or higher in July and August.

The Trail Creek trailhead is just off FR 101 (Sand Lake Road). The trail has an elevation range from 9,400 to 10,600 feet, is not well marked, and included a lot of fallen down trees. We knew that it was still early in the season to hike in this area because of a lot of mud (caused by snow melt).

As expected, the creek was running high. Because we could not convince our dog to cross the high-running creek on a fallen tree, we did not hike the entire trail. However, it was a beautiful hike in a quiet, out of the way area. We will give this trail another try later in the season 🙂

Trail Creek


Trail Creek


Trail Creek


Trail Creek


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