As a faculty member and lifelong learner, I will always be in search of new and exciting facts and “truths”. I plan on reporting my progress (or the lack thereof) on research projects, questions and thoughts that come at the most unexpected moments, and news that are revealed by others that pertain to the field of instructional design and technology.

I love online teaching and learning and have conducted quite a bit of research in online environments. In past years, my research has centered on both student and instructor perceptions of satisfaction in the online learning environment. Elements that impact satisfaction include interaction, learning communities, feelings of connectedness, collaboration, etc. I like to experiment with the design of good interventions in order to support learners, provide meaningful learning experiences, increase learning outcomes, and make learning fun.

Other research interest have included creating learner-centered environments and message design in any learning environments. I enjoy the careful integration of multimedia products that (hopefully) enhance learning for my students.

During the academic year 2013/2014, I was on sabbatical leave. It was one of the main reasons why I created this Blog. I visited and worked with colleagues and students in Japan and Germany, in addition to completing an evaluation project in Yellowstone National Park. As soon as the academic year came to an end, I went to Ireland after being approved for a Fulbright grant.

Feel free to add to these thoughts by commenting away!

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